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Life can be tough and sometimes we can all feel stuck in a rut with worries, fears and sad or unpleasant thoughts going round and round in our minds causing us problems and getting in the way of living a decent life. But change is possible and CBT Leeds & Beyond can help you to make the changes that are important to you.

CBT Leeds & Beyond is an independent therapy service set up to provide a flexible and responsive service to the people of Leeds and surrounding areas, with no waiting lists, giving you access to the support you need when you need it. Therapy sessions are delivered from our comfortable clinic or online. In addition, sessions can be organised to take place in community settings where clinically indicated. This is particularly helpful when addressing fears and phobias of particular situations and environments such as fear of heights, busy places and social situations.

Considering starting therapy can be daunting and so at Leeds CBT & Beyond we work hard to make the process as straight forward as possible. Our fully accredited therapist is skilled at providing therapy within a supportive relationship so you feel as comfortable as possible, free to be yourself and to express what you are struggling without fear of judgement.

Engaging in therapy can be challenging but many people who take the risk and give it a go, say that they are glad that they did.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT has a great evidence base and The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend CBT is used to treat all of the following:

  • Depression and mood problems
  • Panic attacks and agorophobia
  • Chronic worry
  • Social anxiety
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

CBT also has an evidence base for its effectiveness in treating low self esteem, sleep problems, phobias and health anxiety.

CBT offers a practical approach to tackling problems which focuses in the main on the present time rather than on the past. The relationship is an important part of CBT and so its important that you find a therapist who you feel you can trust and feel comfortable with. Coming together and combining the skills and experience of the therapist with your expert knowledge of your life, your strengths and your problems, is a central factor in effective therapy. Experience and research shows that working as a team in this way leads to the best results.

Please see the Gallery for a short and helpful video about CBT produced by the Mental Health Charity Mind.

CBT incorporating Virtual Reality

If you are looking for help to deal with anxiety, fears and phobias you can choose to receive treatment using high quality Cognitive Behavioural Therapy interweaved with the latest in Virtual Reality simulation technology. The Virtual Reality treatments use immersive software which is viewed through a headset in the comfort of the therapy room. It allows for gradual exposure to simulated versions of the situations you fear with the support of a therapist. You can be in control of the pace, repeating certain scenes and practicing interacting in feared situations, gradually increasing the challenge until your anxiety has reduced and you have developed a greater degree of tolerance for anxiety provoking situations.

The Virtual Reality Exposure programmes on offer include environments for the treatment of needle phobias, agoraphobia; claustrophobia; driving phobia; public speaking anxiety including opportunities for interview skills practice, addiction problems and fear of heights. Also available are interactive educational experiences which facilitate understanding and coping skills for adults and young people experiencing depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. Our Virtual Reality software also facilitates the development of skills in relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. 

Price List

Initial Telephone Consultation

You will be offered a free 15 minute telephone consultation which provides the opportunity to see whether CBT is the right therapy for you and for you to see if you would like to go ahead and book a session. 

Assessment and Treatment Sessions


The cost of both assessment sessions and treatment sessions is £70 per 60 minute session. 

Assessment and Treatment Sessions


All sessions using CBT with Virtual Reality are priced at £60 per 60 minute session. 

Assessment and Treatment Sessions

Therapy arranged through insurance companies and referral agencies is usually charged at a higher rate than the fees charged to individuals because of the requirement for reports and additional administration. The fee is usually paid directly by …

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Everything in my life seemed unmanageable, my head was in pieces, no clarity of mind, I was anxious, having panic attacks and unable to sleep. I sought Michelle out as her bio talked about addressing these very issues.  From the first meeting, Michelle was amazing, very open, empathetic and was able to understand my positon and assure me in a very short time that we will fix it together.

Even after the first session, Michelle gave me a number actions to take away that related to CBT, relaxation techniques and even made me aware about recognising some of the pitfalls that I may well encounter over the following days / weeks and how to deal with them……

In summary, after a small number of sessions, I feel very much on the right path and I’ve no doubt this has been accelerated due to Michelle’s expertise and human touch. Amazing!!!!!

20 Mar 2020

I first contacted Michelle via email and received a response from her within an hour. Since our first appointment (the very next day) she has helped my mental wellbeing enormously. The sessions are conducted in a space which is comfortable, calm, and safe. Michelle has a caring demeanour; she listened to my concerns and gave both practical support and solutions, and reassurance. In the session follow-up she also shared invaluable resources with me in order for me to manage my mental health. I can’t thank her enough for her help.

15 Apr 2020

I went through a traumatic time earlier this and I completely lost myself, I  thought I was never going to be the same again. I started CBT with Michelle, still wondering if anything was really going to work. I can confidently say it has truly changed my life for the better, I have finally got the old me back. If anyone is looking for therapy I would 100% recommend Michelle. She makes you feel very comfortable throughout the whole process and I couldn’t thank her enough. 

9 Dec 2020

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